I decided to experience my first ever Reikki session with Paula, and I really didn’t have any pre-conceived ideas of what to expect.  From the start Paula created a very relaxing atmosphere, explaining what she would be doing and that she would not be talking to me but I was to ask her if I was unsure of anything.  I took a while to relax as I wondered whether I would ‘feel’ anything but in fact I was not even aware of where Paula was in the room and peace and calm overtook me. At the end of the session I was encouraged to come round in my own time and felt very rested.  I thought the session had provided me with time just to ‘chill’ and not be distracted by anything else going on in my life but about 4 weeks later I realised I was no longer suffering from the headaches that I used to have which used to occur roughly 4 times a week. And so far they have not returned.