First Degree – Shoden

The first degree of Reiki is called Shoden, which means “first teachings” in Japanese. Reiki is a non-invasive system of healing.

The course runs for one and a half days. We will start the course with the history of Reiki and how it can to the west. There will be meditations and you will be learning the western hands on and eastern hands off.

On completion of the course, you will receive a course manual and a certificate of completion. You will also have the ability to give treatments to both yourself, and to others.

We will hold regular share groups that you are welcome to join.

Second Degree – Okuden

The next part of your journey is called Okuden. This is the practitioners level, which means you can start a Reiki practice or become a Reiki practitioner once you have completed this course.

In this course you will be introduced to the Japanese Symbols. You will also learn distant healing and energy exercises. We will also be discussing experiences you have had from the first degree (Shoden), this will give you a greater understanding of the Reiki energy that comes from the symbols.

You must leave at least three months after completing the first degree before you can take the second degree. This will give you time to practice and become more in-touch with Reiki.

Masters Degree – Shinpiden

For those that wish to take Reiki to a further level, then Shinpiden is something to consider. By obtaining the Masters Degree, your life will become enriched by Reiki, something that you can share with others if you wish.

The Masters/teacher degree is made by arrangement only.

I will be teaching Japanese Reiki, but we will also be covering the Western variety, which gives you the chance to sample both, and pursue whichever you prefer. The courses are straight-forward, yet powerful and will bring both calmness and stillness to your life.

I believe that Reiki finds you at a time in your life when it is needed, as does your teacher.

After the course, there will be on-going support by both email and phone. There will also be a Reiki share once a month where you will be given the chance to meditate and chant some of the symbols with time given to have some Reiki yourself.