My name is Paula, I have been practicing yoga for over 14 years.

My passion in life is to live it to the full and enjoy every moment, I am married with two grown children (well they think they are!).

I have a grandson of 5 years old and I try and encourage him to do yoga, I feel the younger the better! I love rock climbing and often go to the peaks to climb, this has become addictive as it clears and refreshes me ready to take on life’s challenges.

From 2000-2014 I organized a charity event for the Willen hospice and have raised over £10,000, with lots of help from some beautiful people in my life. I believe everything I do should come from my heart, so if I feel it there I know it’s right.

So come practice yoga with me, I am open to feedback, as this is the only way I will move forward in life.