Yoga with Paula is helping my flexibility, balance and strength as I hoped when I started. This seems almost secondary now though. The classes have made me calmer and more composed, and I feel like I’m learning to breathe for the first time. It seems more about making space and being aware of your body than achieving a ‘fitness’ goal. Also its fun too!


Have had a few sessions of Reiki with Paula now and it has been fantastic. The room is very inviting and calm which enables you to relax to the max! Paula is very intuitive and has the ability to pick up on issues you may have.  The Reiki has helped me deal with emotional issues and my digestive system has been much improved since I started having my treatments. After each session I leave feeling relaxed but rejuvenated.  Reiki has helped me a lot over the last few months to cope with an extremely stressful time.

Sarah B.